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Consultation Appointments

  • Reserves time to speak one-on-one with spa staff.

  • Pets have an opportunity to meet staff before grooming begins.

  • Recommended for new clients and pets returning after more than 8 weeks.

  • A consultation fee of $25 is due at time of booking.

Restoration Appointments

  • For new pets and those returning after more than 8 weeks needing a fresh start.

  • Pricing is dependent on coat condition, pet behavior, product, and staff labor.

  • A consultation is necessary before this service.

Maintenance Appointments

  • Scheduled every 2-4 weeks.​

  • Deters completion of 28 day flea life cycle. 

  • Keeps pets smelling fresh, looking well groomed, and nails short.

  • Three months of appointments may be reserved in advance.

  • Pre-booked appts. receive loyalty discounts.

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